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Learning Outside: Educational Materials and Activities

We develop fun, engaging outdoor activities linked to curricula and incorporating New Brunswick species, habitats, and seasonal happenings. We love delivering these activities during school visits, but we also encourage teachers to take the leap and try taking their own lesson plans outside. On this page, you will find many of our activities, with full descriptions and background information. Please take them, use them, adapt them! (and please let us know what you think – feedback is always welcome!)

There are many other great sources of educational materials, activities and guidelines available elsewhere on-line, many of them linked to Canadian provincial curriculum outcomes. Also, consider the Great Minds Think Outside program for hands-on, experiential, professional learning sessions on your own school grounds.

Don’t forget, though, that one of the best ways to fill your toolbox is to share ideas with your colleagues and co-workers.  We invite you to share your favourite materials and activities, along with any tips, tricks and tools, on our Facebook page or by emailing us.

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