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The Acadian forest has been listed as one of six endangered forests in North America. New Brunswick makes up a large portion of the Acadian forest. Ensuring that the Acadian forest is properly managed here in New Brunswick is key to maintaining this unique forest region. The Conservation Council promotes sustainable forestry that provides long-term economic benefits to New Brunswickers while maintaining the ecological health of our forests.

Download one of our fun forest colouring pages  to discover some of the plants and animals you will find in a New Brunswick forest.

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is very active in protecting the Bay of Fundy. We raise awareness of the threats to marine habitats, including our ocean, shores and coastal wetlands. Our program, The Fundy Baykeeper, uses a well-marked boat to patrol the Fundy coastline from Alma to St. Stephen. We also work with fishers and other partners to protect habitat and promote sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence along the eastern coast of New Brunswick.

Download our series of fun ocean colouring pages to discover what you may find if you visit the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of St. Lawrence.


If you visit Conserver House in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, you will find our native plant garden. We have carefully chosen native plants that attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Download our Pollinator Garden colouring page to learn some of the flowers you can plant to start your own bee-friendly garden! You can also download our three Pollinator Information cards by clicking on the links below:

Fresh water is threatened by many things in New Brunswick including overdevelopment, polluted runoff, and climate change. The Conservation Council created its Freshwater Protection Program to help New Brunswickers take good care of our water and make sure that our rivers, lakes and streams are protected so that people, animals, and plants have the clean water they need to be healthy. We want to ensure enough clean water exists to provide a healthy future for all.

Download our wetland colouring page to discover some of the plants and animals you will find in a wetland.

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