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Our Goals

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Learning Outside Project helps New Brunswick’s children re-connect with nature by supporting teachers in taking their students outside and integrating nature into the teaching of all subjects.

We believe that all children deserve ample opportunity to learn and explore in nature. Our unique approach is to integrate nature into the school experience of New Brunswick’s children by embedding the use of outdoor classrooms and natural settings into the delivery of the existing curriculum.

We facilitate this by supporting teachers with the provision of educational activities and resources, and by encouraging the development of outdoor classrooms and natural spaces on and near school grounds. This initiative emerged out of our recognition that children today have less opportunity to explore and learn in the natural world than earlier generations.

To learn about exciting projects at schools throughout New Brunswick and what you can do at your school and how to go about it, explore our website and contact us at info@conservationcouncil.ca.

Meet Our Team

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Nadine Ives is our Learning Outside Project Director. Nadine has a PhD in hardwood tree ecology and has been involved in nature education in various forms for over 24 years (from school visits and nature walks to writing for the general public and facilitating workshops to university teaching). She is a member of the Sustainability Education Alliance of NB (SEA-NB) and the NB Biodiversity Collaborative. Sharing her love and appreciation for the natural world has long been a part of everything Nadine does. She greatly enjoys being able to help children and their teachers explore and learn about the natural world.

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Jonna Karhunen is our Learning Outside Project Coordinator. She studied wildlife management, fish biology and environmental sciences and did her Master of Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Jonna has cherished her love for nature and education by working in schools and publishing numerous nature articles in Finnish magazines and books. With the Learning Outside Project, Jonna is able to support and encourage teachers to take their students outside as well inspire and get inspired by children exploring and learning in nature

Our Partners

There are many groups, organisations and individuals in New Brunswick and beyond who share our goals of getting kids learning outside and exploring the natural world.

We collaborate with, and would like to acknowledge, the members of the Sustainability Education Alliance of New Brunswick (SEA-NB) and the New Brunswick Biodiversity Collaborative.  We are founding members of the Great Minds Think Outside  program (SEA-NB), which provides hands-on, outdoor, experiential professional learning sessions to teachers.

Our work would not be possible without support within the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, especially that of the Community School Coordinators, principals, and teachers with whom we work.

We support the goals of the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada, which promotes collaboration across all sectors in support of outdoor play and healthier children and families.

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors:

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick would like to extend a big thank you to our funders and supporters. With your generous support, we are encouraging New Brunswick teachers to get their classes outside by providing opportunities to learn ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ to teach outside, along with resources and materials to help them link outdoor activities to curriculum outcomes. Also, with your support, we help teachers, principals, parents and community groups transform school grounds by creating or enhancing outdoor learning spaces. Thank you!